Top Mistakes that everybody does on personal data protection

Top Mistakes that everybody does on personal data protection

“Each user’s personal data process is being applied in any second of the day, in each relation and activity of their life. Everyone individually does not know exactly the risks which exist due to their protection as regards their personal information and data. They rarely know if their rights regarding personal data have been violated or the national data protection agencies which have a critical role on that case.”


Source: Council of Europe

Top made mistakes about personal data protection:

1)    Basic Security
Tip: Always use Two Factor Authentication ( 2FA )

2)    Suspicious banner ads on sites
(e.g. Find out which Star Wars hero you are)
Tip: Always be careful where you click on the web

3)    Password selection (usually using birthday dates, phone numbers etc.)
Tip: Not an easy one but use letters, numbers and symbols together
Use an online secure password generator
(use more than 6 password length)

4)    Public Wi-Fi. Always be precautious when using Public Free Wi-fi Spots
Use VPN in order to put a kind of a firewall to your connection
or it is preferable a portable hotspot device to be used

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